Starting a Blog

Starting my own blog and advice for you.

In the past I have tried to setup blogs before but each one simply led to reluctance to post or just a distinct lack of passion. As part of me deciding to indulge in my impulsive side and explore more, in every sense, I will be posting with content in a variety of areas depending on how passionate I am at the time.

If you want to start blogging or uploading content to the internet the best advice is to do it now. The internet is vast and you don’t have to be public like I do you can very much post anonymously so there isn’t much stopping you if you have reluctance due to this.

As per my impulsiveness make this blog as focused or unorganised as you want and embrace your creativity is all I can say in this regard. Be passionate, sharing what you love and maybe someone else can get inspired to write, start or share in the experience you’ve brought to them. Overall this doesn’t have to be the intention just have fun sometime.

Hope you enjoyed reading a particularly small post as just a little introduction to my writing style and for the future.

Do it now and never regret taking action!


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