“Everything in moderation” and the Gym

Why you should experience gym training and embark on a quest for strength and health… *Practical Fitness and Health Advice after a rant*

This is sparked as I’m quite passionate about Health and Fitness and consistently trying to improve myself but am simply appalled at the attitudes of others.

People often say life is about balance and that gym junkies are too extreme. To these people I say, is ordering a takeaway every week balance, our nutrition guidelines would say otherwise and we certainly don’t have a good reputation for drinking within the UK.

So why is it that going to the gym is often scoffed at and seen as something which is a choice when so many people advocate unhealthy lifestyles as being part of a “balanced life”. If you fall into this category, simply put, you’re lazy and part of the problem the United Kingdom and many Western countries are facing in regards to obesity, drinking problems and health. No matter what size, age or background you’ll be stretched to find someone who would not benefit from strenuous exercise.

“Everything in moderation” is spoken to those who have built a passion in going to the gym which just sounds like more laziness. Everyone has a daily routine for a reason and it certainly isn’t hard to keep fit and we should stop acting like it isn’t a normal thing to keep in shape.

There is nothing character building about putting off exercise, your nutrition and working in a sedentary job to boot. For all the sitting the human race does 45 minutes to 2 hours of exercise, at a high intensity is what you owe your body for a lifetime of unnatural tendencies living in the modern world.

Nutrition Plan:

This is within the context of health. Above all the quality of the food we eat matters more so than any specific food I or a magazine tell you to eat. Use some common sense and think whole foods such as vegetables, nuts and fruit. Meat and dairy can be included as it has some vitamins which may prove useful but isn’t necessary as vegan/vegetarian diets are noted to be very healthy (I’m a meat eater myself) I just warn you to follow a doctor’s supervision in regards to your own health when embarking on any diet weight loss or gain.

What I will stress is that junk food and fast food especially should be kept to a minimum for at least 3-4 weeks at a time as weekly ingesting of unhealthy foods can hinder results and your health.

Fitness Plan:

Home workout exercises: Squats, Push ups, pull ups/chin ups, dips, lunges. *Any of these can have added resistance through backpacks or whatever you can use with your imagination.*

Gym workout exercises: Barbell Squat, Barbell Bench Press, Barbell Overhead Press, Barbell Deadlift, Barbell/Dumbbell Rows, pull ups/chin ups, dips   ***Always seek advice and coaching when performing such exercises or risk injury through poor form and technique. Alternatively watch YouTube videos and exercise at your own discretion.***


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